Heelwork To Music Team GB 2011 arrived home very happy.

HTM Team GB WON GOLD in the HTM Open European Championship with Karen Sykes and Fly winning GOLD in the Individual HTM Open Championship. All the Team's dogs made the Top Ten - a credit to them all. Angus placed 5th and Amber in 10th.

In the Freestyle - HTM Team GB were placed 4th - with Lesley and Angus being placed 4th in the Individual Championship and Spice in 7th place.

The Team did very well raising funds in the very short space of time available and would once again like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and supported the team.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More on the Ferry from Harwich to Esjberg

The top Bunk in one of the cabins! Well at least Jack the Team's ted looked comfortable :-) Ted looking out across the stern of the ship and the deck area where the Team could exercise their dogs at given times.
Penny - on a deck a bit higher than she felt comfortable! Well done Penny - you did it!!!

"Are we there yet?????"
At last - 17 hours later and the Team landed in Esjberg, Denmark.
The journey continued for a couple more hours before the Team found their accommodation.
All travelled on convoy - Kath, David and Penny in the lead car, followed by Carole and Gina in the centre car and holding up the rear was Jenny and Michelle - all drivers muttering "Remember to keep on the RIGHT!!!".

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