Heelwork To Music Team GB 2011 arrived home very happy.

HTM Team GB WON GOLD in the HTM Open European Championship with Karen Sykes and Fly winning GOLD in the Individual HTM Open Championship. All the Team's dogs made the Top Ten - a credit to them all. Angus placed 5th and Amber in 10th.

In the Freestyle - HTM Team GB were placed 4th - with Lesley and Angus being placed 4th in the Individual Championship and Spice in 7th place.

The Team did very well raising funds in the very short space of time available and would once again like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and supported the team.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Practice Day - Thursday

The Team arrived at the venue for the 2010 World dog show early as Jenny had been invited to demo her reserve HTM routine in the main arena.

It was a short walk from the Car Park to the HTM/FS Arena but the Team were pleased they had taken their sturdy trolleys.The Team stuck together like glue for their first venture into the massive venue. Main Sponsor of the event was Eukanuba.Ted had a short break taking in the scene and the atmosphere! On getting there, the team began setting up camp in the HTM teams' area! Cages, cards, bunting and pictures all filled the HTM Team GB area, giving it some colour and throughout the 4 days received many compliments about it! One person saying we have heard about this decorating the area from Crufts!

The Main Arena - all ready for the show to begin..Jenny and Tom in the warm up area.Jenny’s demo went very well and being in the spotlight performing her routine was somewhat of a new thing! Tom did not bat an eyelid and was on true Tom form! The routine even had some coverage on a local Danish TV news programme who were explaining about the World Dog Show and the events taking place there. The team returned to the HTM Hall waiting for the allocated practice times in the HTM competition ring. Each team had a HTM and Freestyle time to practice in the ring. There was also a warm up ring just behind the competition ring which was very useful throughout the whole competition.
The team’s times were used effectively walking through their routines, floor plans and checking movements on the ring’s red carpet.

Whilst the HTM competitors were preparing for the start of the competition there were other events going on in the World Dog Show and some of the team saw the Obedience and Breed showing too. It was amazing to see some breeds that we do not have in this country, or maybe not very often!
Thursday night there was a prearranged Team dinner where some of the competitors had a a chance to dine together, getting to meet other Team members.

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