Heelwork To Music Team GB 2011 arrived home very happy.

HTM Team GB WON GOLD in the HTM Open European Championship with Karen Sykes and Fly winning GOLD in the Individual HTM Open Championship. All the Team's dogs made the Top Ten - a credit to them all. Angus placed 5th and Amber in 10th.

In the Freestyle - HTM Team GB were placed 4th - with Lesley and Angus being placed 4th in the Individual Championship and Spice in 7th place.

The Team did very well raising funds in the very short space of time available and would once again like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and supported the team.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The HTM Team Day

Friday was the day for the opening ceremony and the Heelwork To Music Teams to compete for the World Championship Title. The trophies and rosettes already on display.
Team GB led into the ring by Gina Pink - Team Manager with Bailey, followed by Kath Hardman and Amber and Penny Draper with Secret ..........................

Followed by Carole Dodson and Clifton and Jenny Deakin with Tom.

............................. and Michelle Dodson with Tamar.

Team GB looked great in their uniforms - red jackets (Crazydogs)with the logos of their main Sponsors Rugby DTC, Belgian Shepherd Dog Association, Paws N Music Association and Canine Freestyle GB. Navy trousers, black shoes and white embroidered T Shirts. The dogs each wore a Union Jack Dog Coat! No mistaking the Team were representing Great Britain! The three judges - Karen Sykes, Head Judge - England, Marleen Van Hees - Belgium and Carina Enevoldsen - Denmark. Karen made all the competitors very welcome with her opening speech. The President of the FCI Obedience Commission Mr Johann Kurzbauer followed with an enthusiastic speech opening the Inaugral FCI World HTM Championships

Ready for action - the Heelwork To Music Team now had their work to do. The nerves began not only for the British HTM competitors but all of the Team as they realised that the competition that they had prepared long and hard for was actually starting; from training the dogs, choreographing routines, the massive task of the fundraising and finding sponsors – yes, it really had started!!!!

Gina Pink was the first British competitor; the HTM team had drawn a running order of 8th in the event. Gina and Bailey (Daraydala Piccolo) performed to a funky Black Eye Peas' number.

Their final score was 22.57 which left them just outside the top ten who would go through to the final on Sunday. Kath Hardman with Amber (Stillmoor Lady In Red HTM A Ex, FS I Ex) was second to compete for Great Britain performing to No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer.

Amber was on top form and they gave a lovely performance. They finished the day on the highest score of 28.60 which took them into the Individual Competition to be held Sunday. And the third team member, Carole Dodson with Clifton (Kinaway Dr. Watson) performing to an Escala Compilation. Clifton is a stunning dog to watch and he did not disappoint. Clifton’s breeder, Kathy, was in the audience and she was very proud too; thank you Kathy for your company and support throughout the whole competition. They scored 27.30 which took them into the final to be held Sunday.The Team made a discovery on the FCI HTM blog, that this was updated throughout the competition with the scores so they were finding out the judges scores prior them being announced at the end of the competition! Jenny and David were keeping tally on where the team was, which was rather exciting as HTM TEAM GB were delighted to be placed second with a score of 78.47. Denmark won the Team Competition with a score of 81.14 and The Czech Republic were placed third with a score of 73.03.
Carole and Clifton and Kath and Amber qualified through to the individual HTM finals which were held on the Sunday. This individual final would title the first World Champion in HTM.
The Team's benches covered in Good Luck Cards and the Blue and Silver Rosettes for the HTM Team's second place.

The Team thank everyone for their support and good luck wishes - looks like they worked!

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