Heelwork To Music Team GB 2011 arrived home very happy.

HTM Team GB WON GOLD in the HTM Open European Championship with Karen Sykes and Fly winning GOLD in the Individual HTM Open Championship. All the Team's dogs made the Top Ten - a credit to them all. Angus placed 5th and Amber in 10th.

In the Freestyle - HTM Team GB were placed 4th - with Lesley and Angus being placed 4th in the Individual Championship and Spice in 7th place.

The Team did very well raising funds in the very short space of time available and would once again like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and supported the team.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Following HTM TeamGB's win at the Open European Championship, Karen was interviewed for Dogsport Magazine as Winner of the Individual Championship

Read the article HERE

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Karen Receives the Sponsor's "Winners Jacket"

Karen was so proud this week on receiving
her Open European Individual Heelwork To Music Champion's Jacket

Fully embroidered with Fly's new title

A "Three In One" Jacket - very useful and each layer embroidered!

Thank you to MindDogs one of the Sponsor's of the Championship
 for supplying the jacket


Fly with Karen and the Winner's Jacket, trophy and rosette!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Karen and Fly Invited to Discover Dogs

The 12th and 13th of November was Discover Dogs weekend, an annual event organised by the Kennel Club and held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London.

Allan and Karen arrived just before 10:00 and settled in with Fly, decorated the bench and chatted to lots of folk about HTM and Fly’s fabulous performance at the Open European Championships. The size of the cup was a crowd stopper with many folk moving in for a closer look.
Nice to know Karen and Fly were in the right place!
There were over 150 trade stands - Karen found the Joint Aid Stand where she showed the cup and Fly to Nigel

And of course Crazydogs (Simon and Helen Taylor) were there too.
Allan, Karen, Fly and the cup!
Although their performance was not scheduled until 16:05 the time flew by and it was soon time for Karen to get into costume and warm up with Fly.  
They were given a fabulous introduction and entered the ring waving to the crowd. 

Fly gave a brilliant performance
.....   full of energy and enthusiasm and they really enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the Kennel Club of Great Britain for inviting them to perform their winning routine at Discover Dogs
Photographs by Allan Brown

Monday, 31 October 2011

HTM Team GB Celebrate with Westglen

HTM Team GB visited the Westglen Training Show on Sunday.
Westglen had made a fabulous Congratulations Poster with photos of the team included

Karen presented Kath Hardman with a Thank You present
for being "a great Team Manager"

Then everyone at the show posed for this superb photograph
The Team were happy to display the flags, cups, rosettes
and an enormous cake they brought for everyone at the show.

What a lovely cake - enjoyed by all

Allan Brown captured some lovely moments on camera - Kay Dunn

Erin Sykes

Nala Hindson

Kes Sykes

Chip Dunn

Goldem Maid "Dunn"

Jenny Knudson's sweet Sheltie

Radio Derby Invite The European Champions For Breakfast

After receiving a phone call from Radio Derby in Denmark, the Team arranged to meet there on the Friday morning after their return to Great Britain.

Karen and Fly proudly wearing full uniform and with their Champions cup on the steps of the Radio Station

Yes - you look good from every angle ;-)

The Last Day in Denmark and Arrival Home

Fky, ready for the last walk before leaving Soro.

Checking the dogs look OK for their long journey.

Wow - who found this ball!  Now the walk is more worthwhile  ;-)

Angus and Amber checking the undergrowth for more balls!

Looks like Fly has taken charge

OK - biscuit? - ball? - biscuit?  - yes biscuit wins every time!!

Lovely dogs all set to play

Angus found the ball again!!!

Three playing nicely with the ball - and one pretending not to notice!

Well OK - it may be worth joining in the Angus' game

Almost done running and ready for the ferry. 
Once again, great weather meant dry and clean exercised dogs.

Just one more throw of the ball please?

Well if Angus had shared it then maybe!!  ;-)

On the road to the Ferry -
a service area stop gave the team a close view of one of the fins of a wind turbine.
Karen and Lesley standing in front of the fin showing the immense size!

All aboard the ferry for another rough crossing. 
But forewarned, the Team had a supply of "Sea Legs" tablets.

Thank you to Karen's anonymous supporter
who treated the Team to a drink to celebrate their acheivements.

A good meal and a glass of bubbly!!!

A lovely bottle of Rose Champagne!!  Thank you.

The Team arrive home to celebrations and a decorated house!!
Their partners, Roger, Allan and David had been busy!!

Just enough room to get into the drive!

Rosettes and flags decorating the inside cabin of the van.

And flowers too!!   Thanks from the Team for all this great support.