Heelwork To Music Team GB 2011 arrived home very happy.

HTM Team GB WON GOLD in the HTM Open European Championship with Karen Sykes and Fly winning GOLD in the Individual HTM Open Championship. All the Team's dogs made the Top Ten - a credit to them all. Angus placed 5th and Amber in 10th.

In the Freestyle - HTM Team GB were placed 4th - with Lesley and Angus being placed 4th in the Individual Championship and Spice in 7th place.

The Team did very well raising funds in the very short space of time available and would once again like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and supported the team.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Final Competition Day

SUNDAY - the day of the Individual HTM and Freestyle World Championship Finals Carol Dodson and Clifton had drawn to be first into the ring where they performed a superb routine to Escala Compilation..

Clifton showing his beautiful Paw Work. They competed well scoring a cumulative total from Friday and Sunday of 54.73 and finished the individual competition in 5th Place.

Kath Hardman and Amber had drawn to run 10th. They performed yet another superb routne to the music No More Tears (Enough is Enough) but would their performance be enough to keep their first place reached in the Team event on Friday? Amber was well focussed on Kath and Kath knew they needed to perform as well or better than Friday to keep the lead. Happily they did just that and finished with a total score of 57.40, winning the First Ever Individual World HTM Championship Title.

Following straight on from the HTM Competition was the Individual Competion where Michelle Dodson was the representative of the Great Britain Team.Tamar looked so happy performing - he seemed to be smiling in parts - maybe he knew this was to be his last competition as Tamar was to be retired directly on his return home. They finished in 7th position with a grand total score of 53.00. Well Done Tamar - and of course Michelle!

The three judges with champagne at the ready, congratulated all the finalists as they were welcomed into the HTM Arena.

Individual HTM World Championship
1st Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Lady In Red W Ch HTM 2010, HTM A Ex, FS I Ex 57.40
2nd Anja Christiansen with Faehunden's Queeny Las 57.10
3rd Vanda Gregorova with All That Brandy Gentle Mate 56.20

A very happy partnership with trophy, rosette and certificates.

Individual World Freestyle Championship
1st Thierry Thomas with Ubac - 57.47
2nd Vanda Gregorova with All That Brandy Gentle Mate - 57.00
3rd Alena Smolikova with Dapper Dame Black Chervers - 56.80

The presentation in the Main Arena - one dog press reported that there were 19,354 dogs entered at this world Dog Show and the only time the National Anthem of Great Britain was played was when Kath Hardman and Amber received their winners' bouquet in the Main Ring.

The proud GB Team Members receiving their bouquets in the Main Ring

The HTM Team World Championships - won by Denmark 81.14
2nd Place Great Britain 78.47 - 3rd Place The Czech Republic 73.03

The two Individual World Champions gather again for one more photo call!Celebrations over, the vet was the team's next port of call. The dogs had to be checked for fitness to travel home, given tick/flea treatment and wormed - then their passports signed and stamped - in all the right places!!! A small marquee had been erected close by to the HTM Hall just for this purpose. There would be a lot of dogs travelling home the next day.

The vet and assistant completing the necessary paperwork to get their pets home. Luckily the Team had been told that they could provide both their own wormers and Flea/tick treatment - so this saved more money - but they still had to pay for a consultation for each dog.

The final morning in Denmark - Jack the very Lucky Team Mascot sits in pride of place with the Team's Trophy.

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